Medical Emergency

Emergency Call Procedure:

  1. 911– Always call 911 first in the event of an emergency and give the following information:
    Building Name and Address:
    81 On Seventh
    81 East 7th Street
    Saint Paul, MN 55101
    Floor and location of victim.
    Type of Emergency:
    e.g. Illness, injury or symptoms.
  2. Building Security (651) 308-3172 – Call Building Security after calling 911 so building staff can respond accordingly.
  3. Building Management (651) 290-8890 – Call Building Management in the event that Building Security is not available.

Medical Emergency Procedure:

  1. Follow ‘Emergency Call Procedure’ above.
  2. Send someone to meet the response team and/or the paramedics by the elevator on your floor.
  3. Do not attempt to move the injured or ill person.  Keep them as warm and comfortable as possible.
  4. Remain with the victim until help arrives.  NOTE: It is the responsibility of each tenant to make available to their employees the names of individuals trained in CPR and basic first aid in their company.
  5. Remember to always remain calm.