Tenant Request

Service Requests and ID Card Requests
The Golden Rule Building is now using Workspeed to process service requests and ID card requests.  Only those who have been given a Workspeed login have the ability to submit service requests and ID card requests.  Please use this link to access Workspeed, https://secure.workspeed.com.

Tenants without a Workspeed login will need to speak with their supervisor and/or facility manager to submit a service request.  Users can be added to the tenant account by the Primary User for each tenant.  If a Primary User need to be added, please speak with Building Management in Suite 200.

Emergency Service Requests
Requests requiring immediate action (such as leaks, ice, or something that could be deemed as potentially dangerous) should be called into Building Management immediately.  Please call 651-290-8890 if these requests should arise and follow up by submitting a work request.